The WikiLeaks Saga
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US Government versus WikiLeaks
Timeline Oct 22 2010 to Present
Disclaimer The events requarding WikiLeaks are being reported with as little bias as possible. The content of the external links are NOT necessarily the opinions of this website and does not claim so. The resulting changes in laws that will occur due to the actions of WikiLeaks, Governement and Hackers are important to know as they will affect the the average person to a large extent.
Sites Attacked by
Operation Payback
(DDoS Attacks)

Australian Gov

"Raising complex questions about balancing freedom of information,
the right of people to know, and the need to protect national security"

The US Government denies it "convinced" a number of corporations in different countries to freeze the financial assets of WikiLeaks and disrupt their business. The Jester admits using a cyber attack against WikiLeaks. A much  larger attack has been unclaimed. No one at WikiLeaks has yet  been charged with a crime relating to the "State's Secrets". The Obama administration seeks to criminalize WikiLeaks.

These attempts to take WikiLeaks down has resulted in 1400 mirror sites around the world. Wether WikiLeaks is seen as espionage or journalism, the court of public opinion will be watching as it unfolds.
The WikiLeaks Saga
Swiss banker arrested on suspicion of breaching banking secrecy but not investigating the tax evasion he had uncovered.

Swiss court convicts WikiLeaks-linked banker, imposes fines

WikiLeaks Founder Could Face Death Penalty

Wikileaks illegal say most Americans in new poll

Swiss banker who used WikiLeaks faces trial

Don't Follow Wikileaks or Big Brother will be following you!

UK Guardian's "The US Embassy Cables" Database Map

WikiLeaks - espionage or journalism?

Private Bradley Manning in jail for allegedly releasing documents to WikiLeaks

U.S. indictment of WikiLeaks' Assange reportedly 'imminent'

With Wikileaks’ Assange Arrested, What Happens To Insurance.aes256?

Are DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks against the law?

According to the US Government
" If you read WikiLeaks, you're breaking the law "

Will reading WikiLeaks cost students jobs with the federal government?

NewYork Times: The Decision to Publish Diplomatic Documents

Has Assange of WikiLeaks actually committed a crime?

US embassy cables culprit should be executed, says Mike Huckabee

Finers Stephens claims to have the 256-bit encryption key necessary to release the full version of a file of 250,000 confidential US Department of State records

WikiLeaks won’t release key to "insurance" file, despite Assange arrest

What happened to "Say NO to lobbists ?"

How Anonymous Shut Down Sites

WikiLeaks, Web to Revolutionize Reporting: Pilger

WikiLeaks furor raises risk issue for financial firms

Swiss WikiLeaks Documentary
on Youtube Videos in 6 parts

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg - not WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - is Time's 'Person of the Year'

DDoS Attacks 2010 Study PDF

CIA launches WikiLeaks task force, a.k.a. WTF

Julian Assange's Bio

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Obama Administration Seeks to Criminalize WikiLeaks
What Happened To Freedom Of The Press?
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